The Lion Yogi 

Start The Journey To Your Heart
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SOUL MIssion

Discover your heartfelt and meaningful soul mission: Your unique & fulfilling contribution towards humanity.

Emotional healing

Process and release emotional wounds and free yourself from self-sabotage, being stuck, and inner blocks. 

AUTHENTIC Spirituality

Reconnect to your true inner Self beyond your body & mind and experience divine love, deep satisfaction, and peace. 

Conscious Relationships

Create spiritual relationships that give you a deep heart connection, inspiration, and loving support.


My name is Simon and I am a former monk, spiritual coach, and yogi. It's my calling to sincerely dedicate my life to help you fully embrace your spiritual nature by connecting you deeply with your own heart, your inner essence. This heart connection will allow you to pursue your unique soul mission, contribute towards humanity, experience clarity, deep fulfillment, and have a meaningful life with spiritual purpose.

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